Littlerock University

- a culture of faith and edification


Littlerock University is a Christian university providing post-secondary level courses in a culture of faith and edification. You can take classes at our campus in Gilbert, Arizona or by Internet from anywhere in the world.



Littlerock University is focused on preparing you for actual ministry, apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists and many other challenging positions including missionaries, laity and helps.



Littlerock University takes a pragmatic approach to your education not stifled by tradition and the view that you as a Christian should only be taught a limited curriculum, based upon limited Biblical text. We believe that as Christ's disciples we should all be well educated in order to carry out the call of Christ.



Littlerock University Is ready to help you step out in faith, so that you're prepared to live a life of faith, well pleasing to God.



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